What is the Imagine Cup?

The Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition.

Microsoft created the Imagine Cup nine years ago with the idea that students can and will change the world. The Imagine Cup competition spans one year, beginning with local, regional, and online contests in over 100 countries/regions. The finalists go on to attend the Worldwide Finals held in a different country every year. The competition brings students together, provides resources and opportunities for students to innovate on the latest technologies, and provides new friendships that last well beyond the competition itself.

Learn new skills, make new friends, and change the world.

Let’s face it: there are some big problems in the world right now – education, environment, health care, poverty and hunger, to name just a few. We believe you can do something about it. The Imagine Cup invites you and other students to learn, collaborate, and make the world a better place by applying your imagination, your passion, and your creativity to technology innovations that can and will change the world.

Imagine Cup 2011 Theme:
Imagine a world where technology

helps solve the toughest problems.

It may sound lofty. And perhaps a little ambitious. When it comes down to it, the 2011 Theme could not be more relevant. 

While it’s not a requirement to base your entry on the resources below, we hope you use them as starting points to promote change around the globe.  You have the power, know-how and skills to make the world a better place.  We cannot wait to see what you create!

Create an entry with real world impact! Learn about the Imagine Cup Solve This program.

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals are:

The Millennium Development Goals were agreed upon by 189 nations around the world more than nine years ago. They encompass universally accepted human rights such as freedom from hunger, the right to basic education, the right to health, and a responsibility to future generations. Now less than four years from the date of 2015 by which the Millennium Development Goals are to be achieved, it’s time we made a difference.

To learn more about the Millennium Development Goals and other global issues, visit TakingITGlobal’s learning resources:


Fast-forward to 2015.

If the goals are achieved, our world will look a lot different. Here’s how:

  • More than 500 million people will be lifted out of extreme poverty.
  • More than 300 million people will no longer suffer from hunger.
  • Dramatic progress in child health will save 30 million children and more than 2 million mothers.
  • More than 350 million people will have access to safe drinking water.

Imagine a world with less poverty, hunger, and disease, greater survival prospects for mothers and their infants, better educated children, equal opportunities for women, and a healthier environment; a world where developed and developing countries work in partnership for the betterment of all. Through Imagine Cup 2011, you can become part of the solution.



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